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 Army Size

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PostSubject: Army Size   Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:26 pm

This threads goal is about assessing who can easily help us in terms of attacking and defending when pvp is up and coming.

It's a general - updatable - about our own army size. If we can keep track of it we will know the strength of our alliance.

Alliance total
Devil Monsters:
Human Recruits:

I'll start off first - rounding my numbers down.
Devil Monsters
Black Widows: 115 Million
Gargoyles: 10million
Orc: 12milliom
Witch: 3mil
Reapers: 33k
Lizard: 39million

Human Recruits
Spys: 30k
Militia: 2.3mil
Swordsman: 1.4mil
Centurion: 1.2mil
Axe thrower: 900k
Bowman: 300k
Longbowman: 2.5mil
Hussar: 640k
Cavalry: 750k
Paladin: 740k
Battering Ram: 22k
Ballista: 28k
Catapult: 16k
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PostSubject: Re: Army Size   Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:20 pm

Great idea Sloth... to bad that it seems that only me and you use this thing with any kind of regularity.... Sad

but here's what I have:

13k Spies
12k Militia
2k Centurions
117k Axe Thrower
300k Longbowman
120k Hussar
61k Ballista
30k Catapult

13mil Lizard
200k Fallen
30mil Widows
12k Reapers
1 Butcher (this is the game winner right here!)

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Army Size
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