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 Advanced Market Tips

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Arkantos Drake

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PostSubject: Advanced Market Tips   Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:43 pm

Okay this is for those of you who want to try and make a few gems in the market. If you ever seen a person that seems to be moving up in rep in an unbelivable rate...this is how they do it. I picked the brains of one of the top players in Honor server.

First of all you need to know that in order for you to be successful in making gems and building army is by constantly keeping track of prices in the market and exploiting surges in prices that sometimes occur.

One key thing to know is the magic number.. .000175 that is the break even price mark. meaning that assuming average number of level 10 monster conquers is around 600,000 so two average conquests will get you 1.2 million monsters you multiply this number by .000175 and the result is 210. That is the price of a great health potion that gives you 100 health. enough for two conquers.

Okay now knowing this you can guess that if you get a shitty conquer say you only get around 450,000 captives this kind of suck... lets take gargoyles for example average price on the market is .000165 so in order for you to break even with this type of monster you need to get around 1.27 million gargoyles to sell for 210 gems. A lot of the market depends on luck. lets say you conquer two sets of gargoyles and each has 4 million in the group. This is what you want cause it would net you 800,000 captives per conquer so with 2 you have 1.6 million, multiply this by the going rate and you make 264 gems for these two captures. Buy a great health potion and you have 54 gems left over which you can save or buy other stuff with them. or you can also just sell the amount of monsters to break even and send the rest of the monsters to build up your army.

like I said a lot of this depends on luck of the draw on how many monsters you get. Currently I have been trading in Lizards which sell for around .000295 this is a lot more profitable although you have another cost associated with capturing lizzards, that being you need gargoyles. Well you can apply these strategies to any monster in the game you just have to be aware of market prices and anticipate demand.

This next section....okay so you got some monsters for sale...and they have not sold yet...this sucks.. but in order to increase your chances of a sale every hour you need to pick your selling price carefully. say the current rate is .000169 and you want to make sure your sale goes quickly... sell lower...but not too low or else you bring the prices too low for everyone. So sell maybe like for .000166 that will get your monsters sold quickly. if they dont sell by the beginning of the hour then at the half hour mark cancel the order and set a new price that reflects change in market.

Well good luck with your business. If you have any questions ask any time.

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Lady Alys


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Market Tips   Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:32 am

Thank you for this info.

I play the market when I am not at work; it is hard to keep an eye on the market during patient care ( What a Face

But I have exploited the market on Honour server. I also found catapults to be an excellent source of income prior to PvP.

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Advanced Market Tips
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