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 Speed Bump System

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PostSubject: Speed Bump System   Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:43 pm

I'm not going to lie, I ganged this from another Alliance forum I found.... but hey, it wasn't secure and it is really good info to have for the newer generation who are learning of the Speed bump system so it should really help out a lot. Razz

The battle system works on ROUNDS. Each round, your troops (and your enemies' troops) move about the battlefield. Troops will attack any enemy within its range.

Some troops are very fast (paladins, for example), while others are very slow (catapults). Some troops have great range (long bowmen, for example) and some have short range (we call these "melee troops").

When you attack certain monsters, like black widows, you can use a technique called "speed bumping" to prevent your army from being attacked. Black widows are fast - they can cover 120 fields in one turn - and are melee attackers (30m range). If your army was standing 150 fields away, the widows could reach you in one turn (by moving 120 fields and attacking at a 30 field range).

However, if you send a troop out in front of your army, the black widows would stop to attack that troop before attacking the rest of your army. Sending a single troop to die in this fashion is called "speed bumping." Here's how the battle plays out.

You send:
1 paladin (120 speed, 30 range)
1 hussar (60 speed, 30 range)
1 axe thrower (30 speed, 60 range)
100 long bowmen (30 speed, 120 range)

1,000,000 black widows.

The battlefield is going to be 270 fields (the size of the battlefield is determined by the troops and monsters speeds and ranges).

Round 1: The paladin races out 120 fields from one end. The Black Widows race 120 fields from the other end. These troops are now 30 fields apart (270-120-120=30). Since they are both in each other's range, they both attack. The hussar moves 60 fields from the start point and is now 90 (270-120-60=90) fields from the widow. It's out of range. The axe thrower moves out 30 fields and is now 120 fields away from the black widow. It's out of range. The long bowmen move up 30 fields. It is now 120 fields away from the Black Widows. Since the long bowman attacks from 120 range, it attacks the widows, killing some of them (but not very many).

Round 2: The paladin died in round 1. The Black Widow now races to attack the next troop. The hussar sprints out 60 more fields. The Black Widow moves up 30 fields to meet the hussar (they are 0 fields apart). Because the hussar went out to meet the black widows, the widows did not move their full 120 fields in this round. This is why the hussar is called a "speed bump." The Axe Thrower is safe to move 30 fields forward and attack the black widows. The long bowmen don't move and they attack the widows too.

Round 3: The paladin and hussar are both dead and the axe thrower is 30 fields ahead of the long bowmen at this point. The widows charge up to attack the axe thrower and the long bowmen retreat -30 fields. The axe thrower dies in this round, but the long bowmen get another free round of attack.

Once you master this technique, using the right combinations of melee troops and ranged troops, you'll have to do some math to figure out exactly how many troops you need to send in order to kill a mob of monsters. Don't send 100 long bowmen to kill 1,000,000 widows. You'll lose. I'm just using those numbers to give an example.
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Speed Bump System
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