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 The Market

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PostSubject: The Market   Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:07 am

The market uses a community driven pricing model.

You purchase goods with GEMS and you sell goods for GEMS.

Each city has its own Market

This is how you deposit currency (Gems) and commodities (e.g. Troops, Items, Gold, etc...) for buying and selling into the market. To do this, select the Transfers tab. You will be given the option to deposit or withdraw. To begin trading go ahead and deposit a few gems. That's all there is to that. Now you've deposited your currency and are ready to start making deals.
(You can also deposit commodities. Commodities can be put up for sale for gems.)
Withdraw: Retrieve unsold items. 24 HOUR WAITING PERIOD to withdraw.

This is where your Buy and Sell orders appear
This tab displays all current pending sales and purchases. When a purchase or sale has been processed and completed, "DONE" will appear next to it. There isn't much to this window, just transaction information.

The final two tabs are the Troops and Items tabs. This is where the business of buying and selling takes place. If you click on either Troops or Items a scrollable list of all the troops or items in the game will appear. When you click on an item in the list it will bring up its current stock index (a history of prices that stock has traded for used to measure its performance). Inside this new window will be Buy and Sell tabs. These two tabs are for exactly what they were labeled.
(In order to sell something in the market, you have to have deposited in the Transfers tab first).

In either one of the Buy or Sell tabs, there are fields for Price and Quantity. In the price field you can enter the price you would like to pay or charge (Use stock index to see what current market price is) and in the quantity field you can input the amount of that commodity which you wish to buy or sell.

Bids for buying or selling are processed hourly so now that you have a bid to buy or sell in place, you have to wait until it is processed.

If you had chosen to sell something: The bid should now have had time to process, if your bid on the sale price at least matched a buyers buy price and the quantity is available, the bid will now display "DONE" in the Orders tab. Here you can select that bid and select to "SETTLE".

This tab is where you buy and sell items. Potions, move orders, keys, chests, etc.

Some things to keep in mind.

Transactions happen in the 2nd half of the hour.
There is a fee charged.
Before you can sell you have to transfer the item to the market
Before you can purchase you have to transfer gems to the market
24 hour waiting period to withdraw troops you have transferred in
Some monster types you have to have a certain rank to purchase.

How to place a buy order.

Click your market.
Make sure you have gems available in your market
Click troops
Click Long Bowman

In the price box enter a decimal say .03 and in the qty box put 100

You are now bidding for 100 long bowman for a total of 3 gems

Keep in mind if you screw up you might be over bidding and it would suck to overpay gems.

Happy bidding!

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The Market
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